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Website Redesign Services - Designed to Engage

Every business has its own identity, which we believe should be strongly reflected on its website. But not everyone can manage to capture the target audience with the same generic website design, especially when your users access your website from multiple devices of different shapes and sizes. STM Development’s custom website redesign services in India are designed keeping in mind your target industry, market, and most importantly your target audience.
And that’s why it is important to facelift your website design to bring fresh flavors to your audience. STM Developments is a professional web redesigning India that can help you Redesign Existing Websites to make them extraordinary with new elements, call-to-action, and compelling visual appearance.
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Cost-effective Website Redesign Company in India

Unlike any other website redesign company that focuses on the look of your company’s website, STM Developments’s Web Redesign Service in India is designed keeping in mind your target industry, market, and most importantly your target audience.

Landing Page Redesign & Optimization

Stop boring your visitors with the same old landing page! Want to make her feel special? We know the answer - redesign your landing page and optimize it to boost your site's performance.


Redesigning Conventional Website

Do you find that your target audience is unable to browse your website on different devices? Now is the time to consider redesigning your website to be mobile-friendly and broaden your global reach...


Custom WordPress Redesign Services

You can get an attractive website for your business – either by getting it completely custom WordPress development or by getting it redesigned by the best experts in the industry to help you redesign your website in a compelling way.


eCommerce Website Redesign

Getting frustrated with low ROI and sales for your eCommerce website? With eCommerce website redesign, we help our clients revamp their online stores, including custom themes, templates, mobile responsiveness, and more.


Redesign Your Website Theme/Template

Whether it is a B2B website, a B2C website, or a business portal, people like to see changes over time, and a theme or template redesign is the only option you can choose from. Learn more about our custom website redesign


Content Migration

One of the most challenging tasks in the website redesign process is content migration. We help you make it a well-planned and smoothly executed activity that will help you reduce the overall website redesign cost.

Website Redesigning with STM Developments – Why?

With a proven website redesign process and having worked on hundreds of projects for businesses of various shapes and sizes, we’ve managed to build a team that is capable of taking on any type of project.
Gives a Fresh Look
Our website redesign process goes above and beyond the usual, and our team of designers works closely with you to give your website a new and fresh look while bringing a smooth performance that will bring you more business.
Redesign that Connects
Redesigning your website doesn't just mean adding fancy fonts and new themes! Being a leading website redesign company, we focus more on improving customer interaction and redesigning your site in a way that directly connects with your target audience...
Improved Branding
We redesign with your brand in mind and help you enhance your branding through all aspects of your website's new look while increasing online sales. We help you win every possible way to improve branding with a new look.
Drive Sales Growth
It doesn't matter how bad your online presence was, our designers will help you increase the credibility of your online brand, which ultimately increases trust with your target audience. The more they trust, the more business your online business.
Optimize Marketing Costs
Along with the new look and feel of your business website, we also infuse it with eye-catching graphics, advanced analytics tracking, replacing old content with new, integration with social media, and much more, in a way that will enhance your overall performance. Reduce marketing costs.
Optimized for SEO
While improving the look and feel of your website, it is often possible to forget about SEO! But don't worry! We will optimize the images, CSS, code, and almost everything else that is needed to make it search engine optimization friendly.
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