Online Admission Portal

Description :

  1. Student Administration

  • Student Section
    • Admission Online
      • Enables prospective students to purchase prospectuses and pay online.
      • Facilitates the submission of online admission forms and uploading required documents digitally.
      • Allows for online fee payments, providing convenience to students and reducing administrative workload.
      • Students can view and print their admission forms along with payment receipts.
      • Includes provisions for students to submit undertakings as required.
      • Make online college as per subjects allotted.
    • Admin Section
      • Maintains comprehensive records of student admissions.
      • Categorizes admission records by class, subject, category, gender, minority status, etc.
      • Tracks fee collection records over specified periods.
      • Manages processes for transfer admissions, issue of transfer certificates, and character certificates.
      • Provides digital copies of student ID cards and library cards.
    • MIS Reports
      • Generates detailed reports on student demographics and distributions:
        • Class-wise, subject-wise, category-wise, gender-wise, and minority-wise student etc.
      • Provides fee bifurcation reports and other customized reports based on specific requirements.

Fees Management

  • Tracks and manages fee transfers between different accounts or departments.
  • Generates charts and reports to visualize fee collections over selected timeframes.
  • Offers flexibility with other customized reports to meet specific financial reporting needs.

Other Services

  •  Services and Support:-Ensures continuous technical support and assistance to address any system-related issues call, whatsapp, email or queries promptly.
  • Other Customized Reports:-Tailors additional reports as per the institution's specific requirements, enhancing data visibility and analysis capabilities.

Special Features

  • Master Control Login:-Offers centralized access control for administrators to manage system-wide settings and permissions.
  • Student Management/Student Portal:-Provides students with a dedicated portal to access academic and administrative services, enhancing engagement and convenience.
  • Multi User Facility:-Supports multiple user roles with differentiated access levels to ensure data security and operational efficiency.
  • Custom Search Reports:-Enables users to create and save customized search queries for quick and efficient data retrieval.
  • Printable Formats:-Allows for the generation of printable reports in standardized formats, facilitating easy documentation and dissemination.
  • CSV Formats:-Export data in CSV format for integration with external systems or further analysis.
  • Multi Locations:-Supports institutions with multiple campuses or branch locations, centralizing administrative functions while accommodating decentralized operations.
  • Message Center:-Serves as a communication hub within the ERP system, facilitating internal messaging and collaboration among users.

This comprehensive ERP solution from STM Developments is designed to streamline administrative processes, enhance transparency, and improve overall operational efficiency within educational institutions.