Industrial ERP & CRM

Description :

The Industrial ERP developed by STM Developments is a comprehensive system designed to manage various aspects of a business.


The Dashboard provides an overview of key performance indicators, recent activities, and quick access to various modules.

SaaS (Software as a Service):- Manage and configure your ERP as a subscription service.

Packages:- Create, modify, and delete service packages.

Tenants:-Add new tenants, update their information, and manage their access rights.

Invoices:-Create, send, and track invoices, manage payment records, and generate financial reports.

Settings:-Configure user roles, permissions, system preferences, and integrations.

Builder:-Customize the ERP system with tools for updates, utilities, custom menus, widgets, scripts, and styles.

Update:-Check for and apply updates to ensure the system is up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

Quick Menu:-Access frequently used functions quickly.

Support:-Manage customer support tickets and queries.

Customers:-Manage customer information, including adding, updating, and deleting records, as well as viewing customer history and interactions.

Manufacturing:-Manage production processes, including planning, scheduling, and tracking.

Dashboard:-Overview of manufacturing activities.

Products:-Manage product information.

Product Variants:-Handle different variants of products.

Bills of Materials:-Create and manage bills of materials.

Routings:-Define routing for manufacturing processes.

Work Centers:-Manage work centers used in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Orders:-Create and track manufacturing orders.

Work Orders:-Manage individual work orders.

Settings:-Configure settings specific to the manufacturing module.

Sales:-Handle sales processes, from proposals to payments.

Proposals:-Create and manage sales proposals.

Estimates:-Generate and manage sales estimates.

Purchase Orders:-Create and track purchase orders.

Invoices:-Manage sales invoices.

Payments:-Track and manage payments.

Credit Notes:-Handle credit notes for returns and refunds.

Items:-Manage items sold.

Subscriptions:-Manage subscription-based services and customers.

Expenses:-Track and manage business expenses.

Contacts:-Manage contact information for clients and partners.

Projects:-Manage projects, tasks, and timelines.

Purchase:-Handle procurement processes.

Items:-Manage items to be purchased.

Vendors:-Manage vendor information.

Vendor-Items:-Link vendors to specific items.

Purchase Request:-Create and manage purchase requests.

Quotations:-Manage vendor quotations.

Purchase Order:-Create and track purchase orders.

Order Returns:-Handle returns of purchased items.

Contracts:-Manage contracts with vendors.

Debit Notes:-Handle debit notes for returns and adjustments.

Invoices:-Manage purchase invoices.

Reports:-Generate reports on procurement activities.

Inventory:-Manage inventory processes and stock levels.

Items:-Manage inventory items.

Inventory Receiving Voucher:-Record incoming inventory.

Inventory Delivery Voucher:-Track outgoing inventory.

Packing Lists:-Create and manage packing lists.

Internal Delivery Note:-Handle internal inventory transfers.

Loss & Adjustment:-Record inventory loss and adjustments.

Warehouse:-Manage warehouse information.

Inventory History:-View history of inventory transactions.

Report:-Generate inventory reports.

Settings:-Configure inventory settings.

Tasks:-Manage and track tasks and activities.

Support:-Handle customer support and service requests.

Asset Management:-Manage business assets.

Asset:-Track and manage assets.

Allocation:-Allocate assets to users or departments.

Revoke:-Revoke asset allocations.

Depreciation:-Manage asset depreciation.

Setting:-Configure asset management settings.

Leads:-Manage potential customer leads.

Lead Scoring:-Evaluate and score leads based on criteria.

Estimate Request:-Handle requests for estimates from potential customers.

Knowledge Base:-Create and manage a repository of information for internal and customer use.


Media:-Manage media files.

Bulk PDF Export:-Export data to PDF in bulk.

CSV Export:-Export data to CSV files.

Calendar:-Manage events and appointments.

Announcements:-Create and manage announcements.

Goals:-Set and track business goals.

Activity Log:-View logs of system activities.

Surveys;-Create and manage surveys.

Database Backup:-Perform backups of the database.

Ticket :-Track support tickets and their status.


Sales:-Generate sales reports.

Expenses:-Generate expense reports.

Leads:-Generate reports on leads.


View summaries of timesheet entries.

Generate reports on knowledge base articles.


Configure initial settings and system preferences.

Staff: Manage staff information and roles.

Customers: Handle customer groups, support, departments, predefined replies, ticket priorities, ticket statuses, services, and spam filters.

Leads: Manage lead sources, statuses, email integration, and web-to-lead forms.

Finance: Configure tax rates, currencies, payment modes, and expense categories.

Contracts: Handle different types of contracts.

Estimate Request: Manage forms and statuses for estimate requests.

Modules: Manage installed and active modules.

Email Templates: Create and manage email templates.

Custom Fields: Define custom fields for different modules.

GDPR: Configure settings related to General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Roles: Manage user roles and permissions.

Menu Setup: Customize the main menu and setup menu.

Theme Style: Configure the visual style and theme of the system.

Settings: Access and configure system-wide settings.

Help: Access help documentation and support resources.


This guide provides an overview of the key features and functionalities of the Industrial ERP. For detailed instructions and specific use cases, refer to the user manual or support documentation provided by STM Developments.