Pragyan School App

Leave:  Apply for personal leave by selecting 'Leave' and filling out the necessary details.

Approve or track student leave requests.

Staff:  View and manage details of other staff members by tapping on 'Staff'.

Update staff information as required.

Dormitory:  Manage dormitory assignments by selecting 'Dormitory'.

 View and update student dormitory details.

Attendance:  Track and manage student attendance records by tapping on 'Attendance'.

Mark daily attendance and review attendance history.

Fees:  Monitor and manage student fee records by selecting 'Fees'.

Update fee payment statuses and send reminders if necessary.

Contact Communicate with students, parents, and staff by tapping on 'Contact'.

Send messages or emails directly through the app.

Notice View school notices by selecting 'Notice'.

 Post new notices for students and parents.

Library:  Manage library resources by tapping on 'Library'.

Check book availability and manage student checkouts and returns.

Transport Oversee transportation routes and schedules by selecting 'Transport'.

Update route details and view transport assignments.

Class:  Organize and manage class schedules by tapping on 'Class'.

Update class activities and view class-specific information.

School Information:  Learn more about the school’s history, mission, and values.

App Information:  Get details about the app’s features and how to use them effectively.

Settings:  Tap on 'Settings' to customize app preferences and update your profile information.

Profile:  Update your contact details, address, and other personal information.

Notifications:  Adjust notification settings to ensure you receive important updates.

App Preferences:  Customize app settings, such as language and display options.