Pandit Ji

1. Authentication and User Management

PanditJi Registration:

PanditJi should complete his KYC and mobile OTP verification.

PanditJi is expected to perform pooja with proper rituals and cannot ask for extra money from Yajman.

Yajman (Client) Registration:

 Verification: OTP verification.

Can cancel pooja 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Can request a return of the advance amount before 24 hours of the pooja schedule.

Reviews on mentioned points will affect Pandit Ji's ranking.

2. Dashboards

PanditJi Dashboard:

Booking List:View upcoming bookings with details like pooja ceremony type, location, and time.

Profile Management:Update availability, areas of expertise, pricing, and personal information.

KYC:Complete KYC with required documents and OTP verification.

Social Sharing:Option to share the app or profile through social media or messaging apps.

Yajman Dashboard:

Search and Book PanditJi as Per Pooja Selection: Search based on expertise, availability, and location.

Book Pooja or Package:

Browse different ceremonies (Hawan, Festival Pooja, Jap-Paath, etc.) or choose pre-packaged services.

Set pooja location or Yajman’s actual location.


Secure payment processing for booking services.

Options for advance payment or Cash After Pooja (CAP).

Social Sharing: Share the app or profile via social media or messaging apps.

3. Additional Features

Notifications: Push notifications for booking confirmations, reminders, and updates.

Feedback System: Yajman can provide feedback on Pandit Ji after the pooja.

Customer Support:

Access to customer support for queries and issue resolution.

Pooja confirmation call from the support team.

Verified Pandit Ji availability on the Pandit Ji mobile app.

4. Conclusion

The STM Developments  aims to create a seamless platform connecting Pandit Ji and Yajman for various religious ceremonies and rituals. It emphasizes user experience, security, effective communication, and additional features such as feedback and support. This design ensures that both Pandit Ji and Yajman can efficiently manage bookings, communicate details, and enhance their overall experience with religious services.