Media:-Manage media files.

Bulk PDF Export:-Export data to PDF in bulk.

CSV Export:-Export data to CSV files.

Calendar:-Manage events and appointments.

Announcements:-Create and manage announcements.

Goals:-Set and track business goals.

Activity Log:-View logs of system activities.

Surveys;-Create and manage surveys.

Database Backup:-Perform backups of the database.

Ticket :-Track support tickets and their status.


Sales:-Generate sales reports.

Expenses:-Generate expense reports.

Leads:-Generate reports on leads.


View summaries of timesheet entries.

Generate reports on knowledge base articles.


Configure initial settings and system preferences.

Staff: Manage staff information and roles.

Leads: Manage lead sources, statuses, email integration, and web-to-lead forms.

Finance: Configure tax rates, currencies, payment modes, and expense categories.

Contracts: Handle different types of contracts.

Estimate Request: Manage forms and statuses for estimate requests.

Modules: Manage installed and active modules.

Email Templates: Create and manage email templates.

Custom Fields: Define custom fields for different modules.

GDPR: Configure settings related to General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Roles: Manage user roles and permissions.

Menu Setup: Customize the main menu and setup menu.

Theme Style: Configure the visual style and theme of the system.

Settings: Access and configure system-wide settings.

Help: Access help documentation and support resources.