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Get the most out of Laravel

Laravel is a popular PHP framework for fast, cheap, and secure app development. Our dedicated team of experts provides Laravel software development services by leveraging their experience in building applications used by millions of users worldwide.
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Laravel Web Development Services

Whether you need a simple landing page, a robust application, or any other service – Laravel is flexible enough that it can do it all. All you need is an experienced Laravel development team, and it looks like we are just what you are looking for!
At STM Development, we have the skills and knowledge required to deliver a range of Laravel-based custom software solutions.
Custom Web Apps
We develop dedicated web applications based on Laravel. We also help improve existing software that requires an upgrade or new functionalities.
Custom Websites
We build websites with a backend based on Laravel. We integrate company websites and service platforms with other systems used by the organization.
Ecommerce Platforms
We build e-commerce in the model of a store as well as a marketplace platform. We provide a full range of services including design and maintenance.
Migrations & Integrations
Our Laravel developers can handle even the most complex tasks. We migrate projects created in other technologies and improve existing solutions.

Web Development with Laravel. WHY?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that aims to facilitate the software development of web applications. Following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, Laravel is a powerful ecosystem with simple and elegant syntax patterns. It makes programming faster and more efficient.
Laravel is considered by many programmers to be the best PHP development tool. It took the web-dev scene by storm a few years back and has been on the rise ever since. Take a look at what we love about Laravel.
Restful APIs Development
Artfully designed RESTful APIs are critical to your business, allowing tasks and processes to run smoothly and ensuring secure, reliable connections between your internal systems and third parties. As a top Laravel web development company, our engineers specialize in leveraging Laravel's API generator package for highly functional, RESTful solutions.
Third-party Integrations
Customizing an application's features and functionality can be a complex undertaking—especially for enterprise-level apps—unless you have the talent and technology to make it quick, simple, and efficient. We have a team of professionals who have deep experience in integrating third-party apps that extend secure capabilities and capabilities, improve UX, and maximize ROI.
Laravel Maintenance Services
Because launching is only a starting point, we offer ongoing Laravel maintenance services to ensure that you get the most out of this flexible, leading-edge technology. From fine-tuning your existing app to adding new features and functions to meet the growing demands of our users, we are your partner in driving continuous business growth.
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