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19+ Years Of Experience

Software Development and Website Designing Company

STM Developments specializes in the Systems Analysis, Design and implementation of technical Software. STM Developments has been established in 2004 to service the customers who need complex analytically adroitness or Software Developed that requires detailed technical expertise, typically for optimization, scheduling and the analysis and visualization of data applications. Today, with our experience and skills, we have been able to create a global foot print of clients and partners across multiple continents.

We are successfully managed and implemented a wide variety of projects to cater all kind of business needs ranging from the showcase requirements like Registration of Domain Name & Hosting, Website Designing and Development, Customized Software Development, SEO & Online Marketing, E-Commerce, Corporate Training, Product Maintenance and Support,  is smaller to us. We are capable of implementing complete global e-business solutions that extend from front office customer relationship management to back office operational applications to platform infrastructure.

We are Experts

At STM Developments, we continue to pride ourselves on our ability to provide established expertise on ERP, E-Commerce, College ERP, explicit software needs for Libraries and Hospitality groups. Spanning all core business areas of Billing, Accounting, Inventory Management and Trading software for Manufacturing, Construction and Service Industries.


How we growth our business.

The introduction of cloud and mobile technologies into enterprise software.

hether you are building an enterprise web portal or a state-of-the-art website, you always need the right modern tools. Well-built and maintained PHP frameworks provide those tools in abundance, allowing maintained PHP frameworks provide those tools in abundance, allowing developers to save time, re-use code, and streamline the back end. As software development tools continuously.

Our Merits


Why Choose Us

Our policy at STM Developments is to meet our clients’ business and technical needs. While there are many support and development companies available for outsourcing your web presence, customer support or tech support, our company is unique in offering expertise in the respective fields.


We aim at providing highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship from initial contact to follow up support. Recognizing a client's needs and consistently exceeding their expectations is what sets us apart from the rest. We therefore focus not only on developing and maintaining the products and services we offer, but also on building long term relationships.


STM Developments is a squad of highly skilled software engineers and a preferred vendor to its Clients because of its Commitment, Customer Satisfaction, Technical Expertise, Corporate values and Transparency in work.

Skill Set:

STM Developments assists you to gain a competitive edge by continuously improving your web based business solutions.

Customer Service

We believe that a happy customer always means more and better business. To achieve, we try to make the completion of your job an enjoyable experience. We keep you updated at every step of planning, design and integration process. We provide private access to your project and reports from day one. Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients, wherever they are located.

Consistent In Business

Our operations started in 1996 with a long term plan. With constant changes in technologies and design formats on the Internet, it is important to have a strong relationship with a company that's going to be here today as well as tomorrow. We are not a part-time, independent contractors or students looking out for fast bucks. Competitive Pricing.

We offer high quality work matched by a superior customer service at an affordable price. Moreover, we abide by our agreement which means that you're not getting any surprises from us while your project is being given shape. No changes in prices, no out-of- control budgets.

One-Stop- Shop

The best part about choosing us is that you get all the services related to your web presence needs under one roof. When you choose us, you say bye bye to your worries of following up different companies for one common goal. So now it's you who decides between sleepless nights and peace of mind.

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